9 December 2017 Saturday Tel al-Qamar to Dar Salah - Culinary Experience

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Come and join our first Culinary Tour on Masar Ibrahim, a long-distance cultural route in Palestine!

Our morning trek of 2-3 hours will lead us across the serene landscapes of the Jerusalem Wilderness from the Tel al-Qamar (Hill of the Moon) area to Dar Salah village, located 6 km south of Bethlehem.

On our way, we will climb some rocky hills but will also have some time to sit, close our eyes, and feel the relaxing atmosphere of the surrounding space.


In Dar Salah, our host will introduce us to a delicacy of the area - zarb, prepared in a special oven. All of us will join her in the preparation of the dish, which is a mix of tender chicken and various vegetables. While waiting for our meal to be cooked, we will learn how to make shrak, a large, paper-thin bread baked on a saj, a hot iron griddle resembling in shape an inverted wok. Besides that we will prepare tabouleh -  a fresh salad made of finely chopped tomatoes, parsley, mint, onion, and burgul. We will also make lebaneh (thick sheep’s milk yogurt) balls with olive oil, for us to take away. The collaborative preparation of the meal will be a perfect occasion to learn more about Palestinian culture and everyday life in the area.

The tour will be guided by an experienced community trekking guide. By taking part in the tour you are contributing to the rural Palestinian communities.


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Walking distance: 6.5 KM,

Walking time : around 2 hours 



Remember to take:

  • comfortable broken-in hiking shoes (new shoes are not recommended),
  • at least 3 liters of water,
  • sunscreen,
  • glasses and a hat, 
  • snack,
  • ID or passport

From USD 45

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Meeting point: In front of Beit Sahour Municipality (2 km from Bethlehem)

Date: Saturday, 9 october 2017

Meeting time: 9:00 AM

Estimated return time: 3 PM


  1. East Jerusalem