4 November - 11 November 2017, Rummana to Kufur Malek, Thru Walk 2017

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Pass through the agricultural villages of Jenin and enjoy the olive harvest season. The olive groves are also a perfect place for rest with a cup of a herbal tea brewed on fire. Besides the beautiful natural landscapes and energizing views on the massive trunks of the ancient olive trees, there are plenty of landmarks to encounter, e.g. Burqin Church. The trail passes not only through the agricultural fields covered with cabbages and tobacco but also through beautifully preserved old cores of villages like Arraba or Sanur. There will also await you the traditional Palestinian hospitality.

On the fifth day of the journey, you will reach Nablus, that will  capture you with its history, setting, and hospitality. This grand city is located between two mountains - Gerizim and Ebal - and reflects the mysteries that come with a thousand-year existence. After leaving the bustling markets of Nablus’ Old City yet again you will have a chance to experience the calmness of the surrounding villages. Follow the Masar Ibrahim and enjoy the marvelous views on the Jordan Valley

From USD 500

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Day One: Saturday 4/11/2017 Rummana to Burqin

Rummana literally means pomegranates, and is approximately 17 km northwest of Jenin in the northern West Bank. This hike is one of the most amazingly challenging and extremely superb hikes in Palestine. You start walking through the ancient village on a hill slope and you come across traces of ancient remains, including cisterns and caves carved into rock. After that, you come across a village called Ta’ennek in the northwest of Jenin. There you will be welcomed and hosted by their village consulate and some local people. Ta’ennek is a very calm and quiet village that has a very simple way of living.

We continue walking towards Burqin, a small agricultural village. Walkers will have the chance to purchase fresh fruit, olive oil and other organic products locally produced.   Burqin hosts the Church of St. George, said to be one of the oldest in the world.

  • Length: 17.8 km
  • Duration: 5 - 7 hours
  • Category: Difficult
  • Dinner and overnight with local families in Burqin 

Day Two: Sunday 5/11/2017 Burqin to Arraba

We will start our hike from Burquin, a small agricultural village in the northern West Bank. Walkers will have the chance to purchase fresh fruit, olive oil and other organic local produced cause most people depends mainly on olive growing and olive oil as a living . Burquin hosts the Church of St. George, said to be one of the oldest in the world. 

We will continue walking to Arraba, where you can witness the beautiful old antiquities from the ottoman era, the irresistible views of mountains and hills, and the amazing plains and valleys from all around you, making it hard for anyone to resist taking pictures and having the chance to run and breathe the fresh air of the villages. In Arraba you will also be welcomed and hosted by the village consulate, having a tour in the old city of Arraba and maybe will have the chance also to meet with local people. 

  • Length:            14.17 km
  • Duration:          4-5 hours
  • Category:         Moderate
  • Dinner and overnight with local families in Arraba

Day Three: Monday 6/11/2017 Arraba to Sanur

We will start our hike from Arraba, where we will walk from the ancient stately palace in the village historic center, and then cross through serene countryside, olive groves and orchards to arrive at Sanur’s hillside lookout tower and which is approximately 26 kms south of Jenin. In Sanur you will have a tour in the city and will be able to meet with their village consulate. By the end of the day you will be enjoying a cultural night.

  • Length:            12.70 km
  • Duration:         2 - 3 hours
  • Category:         Moderate
  • Dinner and overnight with local families in Sanur

Day Four: Tuesday 7/11/2017 Sanur to Sebastia

The walk begins in Sanur, and from there, you will be traveling by donkey’s most of the time to the south to Sebastia, which is approximately 12 kms northwest of Nablus.  You will visit the ancient city of Sebastia which is situated on a hilltop; it is home to several important archaeological sites which date back to the Canaanite, Israelite, and Hellenistic, Herodian, Roman and Byzantine cultures.

  • Length:                  15.50 km
  • Duration:               4 - 7 hours
  • Category:              Challenging
  • Dinner and overnight at Sebastia Guest house

Day Five: Wednesday 8/11/2017 Sebastia to Nablus

The walk begins in Sebastia, which is approximately 12 km northwest of Nablus.  The Old City is host to a number of sites of archaeological importance. Nablus is well-known for its delicious sweet, kanafeh, as well as its olive oil soap.  Enjoy your walk!

  • Length:            12.10 km
  • Duration:         2 - 3 hours
  • Category:         Easy
  • Dinner and Overnight at a hotel in Nablus

Day Six: Thursday 9/11/2017 Awarta To Duma

After Breakfast you will be transferred from Nablus to Awarta , where you will be walking through the beautiful hills of the Nablus region from the picturesque village of Awarta to Duma.  Awarta, 8 kms southeast of Nablus, has been inhabited since Biblical times. It is 560m high above the sea level. The village territories which are a mix of plains and mountains interfere with the neighboring villages. It is famous mostly for planting olive trees, almonds, corn, lentils, and a variety of summer vegetables such as tomatoes and zucchini. The yield of olive trees is of the main source of income for many inhabitants.

You end up the hike in Duma which is 25 kilometers southeast of Nablus. Duma's residents still mostly rely on irrigated crops, fruit orchards, olive groves and livestock for food. There are four water springs in Duma that provide water for the residents

  • Length:             18.6 km
  • Duration:           5 - 6 hours
  • Category:          Moderate to Difficult
  • Dinner and Overnight with local families in Duma

Day Seven: Friday 10/11/2017 Duma to Kafr Malik

The Walk begins from Duma to Kufr Malek passing through the village of Mughayyar and alongside the deep, rocky wadi to the natural springs and archaeological site of Ain Samia. You will be transferred to Taybeh, a mainly Christian village, where you will enjoy the visit the brewery in addition to that you will also a visit the ruins of the 4th century ancient church of St. George.

  • Length:            14.80 km
  • Duration:          5 hours
  • Category:         Moderate to Difficult
  • Dinner and overnight at local family in Kafr Malik

‚ÄčDay Eight: Saturday 11/11/2017: Departure

Price include:

  • 7 overnight including dinners and breakfasts (5 nights at local communities, 1 night at the guesthouses in Sebastia, 1 night in Nablus)
  • Light lunches during the walk from 4-10 November 2017
  • Experienced local hiking guides
  • 7 November 2017, Donkey tour in Sebastia.
  • Luggage transfers during the walk

Not include:

  • All Transfers to/ from the starting point and ending point.
  • Other expenses
  • Picturesque Landscapes
  • Olive Harvest Atmosphere
  • Traditional Hospitality and Delicious Homemade Meals
  • Famous landmarks: Burqin Church, Ottoman Palaces of Arraba and Sanur, Sebastiya
  • Visit to the Vibrant City of Nablus


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