03 -15 Sep 2018, Masar Ibrahim Two Weeks Walk

The Masar Ibrahim al Khalil offers travelers a rare opportunity to go beyond the headlines and the stereotypes, to get away from the ordinary Holy Land tours, and to explore for themselves the remarkable landscape, hospitable people and ancient historical sites of Palestine. The Masar (‘The Path’) provides a rare chance for visitors to be welcomed into ordinary Palestinian homes; to share a homemade traditional meal and listen to stories of traditions and customs; and to learn about the daily lives, concerns, and hopes of the people. Palestine is an extraordinary land. Take the first step to walk the Masar, and you are guaranteed to be rewarded with a life-enhancing experience.    The 2 week trail starts in the northern city of Nablus and ends in the southern desert village of Rashaydeh.   More information: http://masaribrahim.ps/en/