Guaranteed departures!


Siraj Center would like to invite you to explore Palestine on foot!

We propose a weekly schedule of guaranteed hikes that take place along the most popular sections of Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil - Palestine’s hiking trail that connects north of Jenin with the south of Hebron.


The enriching tours could be easily incorporated in your travel program. On each day of the week we would like to take you to different spots across Palestine. With our guaranteed tours you will have a chance to discover Palestinian picturesque countryside, walk the dessert or explore Bethlehem on a e-bike!


We understand how inconvenient it might be to have your trip cancelled, especially in the last minute! With Siraj Center’s guaranteed departure tours we can assure you of the tour taking place on a day that it has been scheduled.

The minimum number of participants required to run our tours is very low - it only takes two* people to book. In the unlikely event that a guaranteed departure does not reach the minimum number, it will still operate as scheduled if the solo participant will be ready to cover the cost based on the two participants.

The tours will run in February, April, May, September, October, and till mid-December - always, except the situations beyond our control that might create uncomfortable travel conditions. In March and November we would like to offer participation in the Masar Ibrahim Al-Khalil Thru-Hike, for more information check: http://www.walkpalestine.com/en/thruhikemasaribrahim 


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