5-8 March 2018, Masar Ibrahim - Spring Northern part

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The Masar Ibrahim al Khalil offers travelers a rare opportunity to go beyond the headlines and the stereotypes, to get away from the ordinary Holy Land tours, and to explore for themselves the remarkable landscape, hospitable people and ancient historical sites of Palestine. The Masar (‘The Path’) provides a rare chance for visitors to be welcomed into ordinary Palestinian homes; to share a homemade traditional meal and listen to stories of traditions and customs; and to learn about the daily lives, concerns, and hopes of the people. Palestine is an extraordinary land. Take the first step to walk the Masar, and you are guaranteed to be rewarded with a life-enhancing experience. 


The northern trail starts in Nablus and ends in Taybeh, and is based on four days of walking with mini bus transfers to and from the trail. 


More information: http://masaribrahim.ps/en/

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Day One:

Meet at the Jerusalem Hotel, 4 Anatara Ben Shaddad St., East Jerusalem, near the Damascus Gate for an early morning transfer to Nablus.

Walk to Tel Balata, site of the Bronze Age city of Shechem,

In the afternoon, transfer to Huwara, on the outskirts of Nablus, then continue walking to Awarta. The village is 8 km southeast of Nablus.

Total walking time: 3 hours
Distance: 10.2 km
Difficulty: Easy
Overnight: Local host families


Day Two:

Leave Awarta in the morning for a full day’s walk to Duma, visiting Jabal Awurma and the villages of Aqraba.

Walk through Majdal and Bani Fadil along the way.

Totalk walking time: 5 – 7 hours
Distance: 18.6 km
Difficulty: Moderate - Difficult
Overnight: Local host families


Day Three:

Walk from Duma to Kafr Malek, passing through the village of Mughayyar to Ain Samia.

There is a steep ascent just before entering Kafr Malek. 

Totalk walking time: 5 – 7 hours
Distance: 14.9 km
Difficulty: Moderate - Difficult
Overnight: Local host families


Day Four:

Hike from Kafr Malek to Taybeh.

Visit Taybeh Brewery, the first microbrewery in the Middle East and the only brewery in Palestine, and taste local beers.

Late afternoon transfer back to Jerusalem or Bethlehem.

Total walking time: 5 – 7 hours
Distance: 14.4 km
Difficulty: Moderate - Difficult


More Information: http://www.walkpalestine.com/files/Walking_in_Palestine_North.pdf



Day One Highlights:

Enjoy a walking tour of the ancient city of Nablus
Visit the olive oil soap factory
Taste Nablus’ delicious ‘kanafeh’
Walk to Tel Balata, site of the Bronze Age city of Shechem, where Abraham arrived in the Land of Canaan
Explore the Greek Orthodox Church, which houses Jacob's Well
Enjoy a traditional Palestinian dinner in Awarta


Day Two Highlights:

Experience a day’s walk around Jabal Awurma and the villages surrounding Aqraba, which is mentioned in the Bible as ‘Akrabbim’ and means "scorpion” in Arabic. 
Visit the Byzantine era church - turned - mosque in the village center. Greek inscriptions and a cross are still visible. 


Day Three Highlights:

Hike alongside the deep, rocky wadi to the natural springs of Ain Samia
Visit the archaeological site of Ain Samia.
Enjoy local food and evening conversation with the welcoming families of Kafr Malek
Meet members of the local women’s union.


Day Four Highlights:

Hike along the edge of the high plateau with spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley,
Visit the historic village of Taybeh, a mainly Christian town
Tour Palestine’s only brewery, the oldest microbrewery in the Middle East.
Visit the ruins of the 4th century Greek Orthodox ancient church of St. George.


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