4 - 5 November 2017, Rummana to Arraba, Thru Walk 2017

From USD 75

Pass through the agricultural villages of Jenin and enjoy the olive harvest season. The olive groves are also a perfect place for rest with a cup of a herbal tea brewed on fire. Besides the beautiful natural landscapes and energizing views on the massive trunks of the ancient olive trees, there are plenty of landmarks to encounter, e.g. Burqin Church. The trail passes not only through the agricultural fields covered with cabbages and tobacco but also through beautifully preserved old cores of villages like Arraba. There will also await you the traditional Palestinian hospitality.

From USD 75

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Day 1: Rummana to Burqin

Spend your weekend in the picturesque area of Jenin and enjoy the festive atmosphere of the olive oil season. Start the hike at the village of Rummana, which in Arabic means pomegranate . Further on, the trail will lead you through lush olive groves towards a hill overlooking the town of Ta’anek, located just next to the ancient Canaanite site of Tel Ta’anek. From there, colorful fields of Marj Ibn Amir (or Jezreel Valley) are clearly seen in the background. At the end of the first day, you will reach the town of Burqin, famous for its 4th century Church of St. George, which was built to commemorate the spot where Jesus Christ had stopped in his path in order to heal the ten men who suffered from leprosy. You will also have a chance to share in the life of a host family welcoming you there and explore the authentic hospitality traditions of Palestine.

  • Length: 17.8 km
  • Duration: 5 - 7 hours
  • Category: Difficult
  • Dinner and overnight with local families in Burqin  

Day 2: Burqin to Arraba

After the traditional breakfast at the local homestay you will be ready to follow the path from Burqin to Arraba which connects two important landmarks: the ancient Burqin Church and the Ottoman Palaces of Arraba. The trail passing through Burqin extends into the surrounding farmlands where you might be greeted by farmers plowing their fields. From there the path leads toward a high hill - Jabal Barid (the “cold mountain”) overlooking small villages and the city of Nazareth, beyond the Green Line. During the Ottoman times (1517 - 1918), Arraba was a strategically important place that served as headquarters of the Abdel Hadi family.

Today, the complex palaces located in the heart of the town, serves as a center for many community activities and events.

  • Length:            14.17 km
  • Duration:          4-5 hours
  • Category:         Moderate

The price include:

  • Two Lunches
  • One-Overnight at local Family house
  • One Dinner and breakfast

Not included:

  • All transportations
  • Cooking class and Dinner on day two (40NIS) 
  • Any Other extra expenses
  • Hike through the olive groves of the north and visit the ancient church of Burqin.
  • Enjoy the olive harvest atmosphere and pass through the impressive Ottoman Palaces of Arraba


  1. East Jerusalem